The Spirit of the Marathon

Heading across the U.S.A. to document the Spirit of the different Marathons that each state has to offer. From one runners point of view.

-The site also serves as a Marathon visual guide.

-Send us an email to get Toky to run/document your Marathon.

If you like the Marathon Photo Essays and would like to help me create more, please donate through PayPal. All donations will be used for entry fees and travel expenses.

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My next stop is…

The next stop for my marathon photo essays is… Long Beach! I’m happy to share I will be running the Long Beach Marathon on October 17th! and creating a new photo essay. The Spirit of the Long Beach Marathon will be posted on October 19th! More details and goodies to come.

Shout out from

After the Spirit of the Los Angeles Marathon we got noticed and got a shout-out from the organizers of the LA Marathon!

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