The Spirit of the Marathon

Heading across the U.S.A. to document the Spirit of the different Marathons that each state has to offer. From one runners point of view.

-The site also serves as a Marathon visual guide.

-Send us an email to get Toky to run/document your Marathon.

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BY Daily News Shout-Out!

Check out this interview I did with the NY Daily News!

Thanks to Lauren Johnston for the feature!

The Spirit of the Long Beach Marathon

Long Beach Marathon Photo Essay

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My next stop is…

The next stop for my marathon photo essays is… Long Beach! I’m happy to share I will be running the Long Beach Marathon on October 17th! and creating a new photo essay. The Spirit of the Long Beach Marathon will be posted on October 19th! More details and goodies to come.

Thank you!

San FranciscoThank you to everyone who has visited, commented and e-mailed me about the Spirit of the San Francisco Marathon Photo essays!

I am very grateful to all of you and excited to announce that because of the huge success that project has been, I am starting a website dedicated exclusively to the photo essays as well as other running goodies. Not only that, I’m already in touch with other marathons to create other photo essays documenting different races around the country.

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The Spirit of The San Francisco Marathon Photo Essay

The Spirit of the San Francisco Marathon


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San Francisco Marathon (Getting there & Expo Photo Essay)

San Francisco Marathon ExpoBackstory:

I’ve completed three Los Angeles Marathons and one Nike Human Race. On my last LA Marathon back in March, I decided to take my camera with me and do a photo essay. I posted it on my blog and tweeted about  it. Over the next few days my photo essay was seen by more than 6,000+ people (the Marathon had 26,000 runners) and was re-tweeted over and over again. The best part of it all was all the comments that people posted as replies to my photo essay as well as all the emails I received from runners that were grateful someone had done this for them as they could use it to show their families and friends what it was like on the course. It also helped me realize we all tend to have the same thoughts as we are running.

Since then I’ve wanted to go run different marathons across the USA and document the spirit of each city. Thanks from a little help from the organizers of the race, I present you: The Spirit of The San Francisco Marathon Part I (“Getting There”).

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Shout out from

After the Spirit of the Los Angeles Marathon we got noticed and got a shout-out from the organizers of the LA Marathon!

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The Spirit of the L.A. Marathon Photo Essay

The Spirit of the Los Angeles Marathon

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